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Black Pearl Emblems


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It was a very hot day here and I went out with dental floss. Once you get one corner going it is quite easy. You may have to use a blow dryer to heat the adhesive so it becomes easier to remove. Just a tip, mark the OEM emblem locations with tape so you know exactly where to put the new ones on. After you remove the old emblems, you will neede to use cleaner wax to get the residual adhesive off. Then wax the area before you install the new ones. Let me know if you have any other ?s HTH


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The BP looks great on silver... Thanks for the pictures.

That's one of the ways that I had heard to do it...

The other was to spray WD-40 around the emblem and then wait for it to soak into the adhesive. The letters will almost fall off of the car...

Then cleanup with cleaner wax and re-apply.

I thought I'd mark the bottoms of the letters with tape before removing the old ones...

Thanks for the help,


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very nice

funny how new camrys seem to come with them also now

i used to like gold ones but i guess that became passe

so i just took them off and filled the holes

a nice simple look

hopefully it might save me some parking tickets since they might not know what model it is


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