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Gold Emblems

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In reply to the emblem removal question-

The front "L" simply unscrews from the grille. The grille trim also unscrews.

The rear "Lexus" and "L" emblems took a little time to remove, since they have grommet type attachments around the emblem posts. But with a little time, patience, dental floss, and a taped screwdriver, they both came off without a problem. Reinstallation was easy. I did scrape off the original tape residue, and reattach the emblems with high strength contact cement. It may be hard to remove them again, but it also makes it hard for a thief, too.

The added "LS 400" emblem that I purchased had posts on the back-I snipped them off, to avoid having to drill holes in the trunk. One thought is that the "LS 400" emblem is smaller than the "Lexus" emblem (Only the 4 is the same size) so it's impossible to match the layout exactly. My Gallery post #400 looks like the "LS 400" is low-I had a choice-Put it in High-or Low.

But I like it.

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