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Sp60 Turbo... Bolt On For Lexus Sc300

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Just went to a webpage for the Supra and saw the sp60 turbo kit.... and sounds like the one I would get. Do these kits bolt on to the stock SC300 engine? What mods need to be done? It was around 5,000+ (like 5,400 or something) ... does this include everything necessary or do I need intercoolers, etc?

Thanks in advance for the help :)

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Okay, most probably the kit you saw was for the 2JZ-GTE engine. That is the motor for the supra tt and that kit is a single turbo conversion. Our motor is a 2JZ-GE - same motor (basically) with no turbos. The head is different with different intake and exhaust ports. This makes that kit not work with our motor among a few other things.

That kit would work with our motor if a GTE head was bought and installed on the GE block. Then the TT upgrades will work - but a ecu will be needed and the money can climb quickly.

To turbo the GE motor, Sound Performance does offer a custom manifold that is tubular and equal length based off of the HKS deal. They can hook you up with a turn key est-up. I had an estimate from them when I visited their shop for $7,500 drive in and drive out. That is a rough estimate and may be a little less or a little more depending on what you ask for.

Other companies offering the NA-T (normally aspirated to turbo) conversion are F-max, Performance Factory/Rollhard, Toyomoto, PHR, DE, and I'm sure there are many more that could get the job done.

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I wrote that kinda late last night and wasn't thinkin' too much :). I remember reading that our engines are the same as the Supras except, like you said, not turbo'ed. Now, the $7,500 conversion, does it add any horsepower or does it just convert our engines to a GTE one? Curious.... because for 10,500..... Powerhouse will do all the conversion, plus the twin turbos and they claim 450 horsepower :)

It would be nice to :chairshot: some of those Camaro SS, Corvettes, and Vipers :)

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AWJ Is one to listen to! I have a SRT t4 kit on my stock 2JZGE. I had it installed and out the door for around 7,000. I had problems with fuel delivery at low end. The larger injectors were dumping tons of gas, and the car would not run good at all. My kit came with a Apexi timer and a piggy back fuel management system. It did not work well at all. I needed a AFC control unit ( Super AFC air flow converter ) I stuck it on the dyno to get the full ( low end and high end ) fuel delivery worked out and re timed the motor to handle the new injectors and computer since I have no CAT's. It is GREAT! love the power, and it is smooth like the factory sold it that way. The tuning cost me 500.00 and the AFC was around 450.00 installed. Check your kit, make sure you have a good fuel system computer or piggy back. most kits come with the inercooler and all needed hardware.....you need only the cash, and a heavy foot! GS300lexo.

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I would really like to spend the time and money to do the na->t myself as a learning experience, but Im worried Id make some sort of catastrophic mistake and blow something up. Ill probably end up spending $10,500 and have powerhouseracing install the new engine so I know it was done right.

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Thanks for all the help guys...

So Powerhouse Racing is the place to go then huh?

I guess I'll go down there and let them do their "thing" to my car.....

There are a few shops up here that claim they can do the conversion, but they don't have a reputation of doing the swap or proof :(

Later :)

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Hey, Lexo - glad to see it worked out. It sounded like it was running a little too wet. ;) Congratulations!

There are lots of options. You can do it yourself. I was going to on my old ride. I started piecing a kit together with parts I found used and researching new components to set it up. Then I had a set-back. I sold all the parts.

Then I came across a car already set-up and snapped it up. It is a toyomoto version single turbo GE - the NA-T in every aspect. It is freakin sweet.

I think naturalatlas82 you are asking two different questions - a single turbo on top of a 2jz-gte swap and a single turbo on a 2jz-ge swap. A turbo on a GE can be very powerful. Dollar for dollar it can be just as satisfying to turbo the GE as it is to swap and deal with the GTE. Keep in mind, after swapping the motor - you are still only at stock power on the gte unless you invest more money into making it more powerful by whatever means.

So the 10k figure for powerhouse I think being referred to is for the swap. The motor and labor. When for 7k you can be turning 400+ horsepower at the wheels. It's all a matter of personal preference and pocketbook size.

As far as doing it yourself, it is very possible to strap up a single turbo to the ge. Just go slow, pay attention, and do a lot of research. F-max makes a kit that is complete. As well as Toyomoto. All items can be specified according to application.

One rule of thumb. If you can't afford to break it - don't do it. Good luck.

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Thanks for the words of wisdom AWJ

Honestly, I've never been a car guy that took apart motors and put them together. I'm always working, working out, reading up on my field of business (home inspection). I really would like to learn, but ... its hard :(

I guess I would like to get up to 500rwhp, and if that can be done with just the ge motor, then thats awesome, I'd go with that :) I did see that F-Max made a turbo kit that produced like 320 RWHP for like 5,000 I think.

Is that possible, or what could just the GE motor put out as in HP (without NOS)

Thanks again for all your help :)

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