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Hi all,

I am thinking of purchasing a Lexus ES300 like a 92-93, I smashed my 91 Acura Legend. I know it's an old car, but for the money i'm getting I'd rather get an older import car then a new domestic car. I was just wonder what is the engine code for this car is it 3VZFE or 1MZFE. I know that this car has the same drivetrain as Camry of that year. So I want to know the reliability of the drivetrain for this car? I'm in Canada so if i'm looking for such an old car the KM's are gonna be high. I also wanted to know about the cost of car repairs, like the engine and tranny. Seeing as it's the same as a Camry would the cost be the same also. And I would also enterain anybody who has any thing good to say or bad to say about your own 92-93 ES 300. I was wonder in about gas mileage too. I hope you guys out there can help me.


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I believe the 92-93 was the 3VZ-FE.

Your money will be better spent on a 94 or newer ES. The 92/93 have frequent problems with the cooling system (esp. the radiator and ps pump driver radiator fan). However, if you are looking for a manual shift, then it has to be a 92/93 as this was the only time it was offered.


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My '92 ES300 has 207,000 kms on it, and I have yet to have any cooling problems with it. Here is everything that I did in the last 2.5 years. Note that an independant mechanic did all of the replacing/fixing:

- replaced battery ($100CAN)

- fixed a hole in the Y-pipe ($80CAN)

- Replaced all brake rotors and pads ($800CAN)

- Replaced rear brake calipers ($400CAN)

- Replaced E-Brakes shoes and cable ($200CAN)

- Fixed a hole in the brake line ($200CAN)

Not too bad for 2.5 years of use if you ask me. That is owning the car from 131,000kms to 207,000kms. Now, the only crappy thing is that it is starting to rust. My passenger fender looks pretty bad, and my passenger door has a big rust spot. Also, I have a knocking sound in my driver rear suspenion that I am getting checked out next Saturday.

I have a manual transmission car, and my gas mileage is usually pretty consistant at just over 10km/L (can you tell I live in Canada too :lol: ) I can sometimes get as good as 10.8km/L.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your search!


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Check www.trader.ca (and select your region in BC) to try & find one that is in good condition & in your budget. One thing I should mention that Milage (Kilometers in our case) is not as important as how the vehicle has been maintained! So if you get a ES with higher KM's but the seller has service records vs. a lower KM's car without any proof of service, I'd be inclined to go with the higher KM's vehicle. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck! & Welcome to the club!


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