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well its just like fiber glass. you lay the carbon cloth, then brush on the epoxy resin. there are different resins for different applications and you repeat the resin and cloth laying a couple times untill you reach the desired thickness.

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I HIGHLY suggest going to Fiberglast.com or www.selectproducts.com and getting the videos or studying up on it before you start. Dont start on carbon fiber either. go to WalMart and get the $10 fiber weave and practice, practice, practice. The only reason it looks so easy is because its usually professionals doing it. Dont get me wrong, its not impossible, but it takes alot longer to get the hang of it than people think.

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I played with CF before and it is incredibly hard to get the weave looking completely right. I imagine with practice i could do it, but i dont know how they can get the weave looking as good as they do. Its not that hard to do, but practice on small stuff first and -mix properly -be patient

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Lol i can picture myself turning every part in my car to carbon fiber. Ohhhh No.

that's a real good way of getting killed in an accident.

i haave the same problem, that plastic piece broke on me so i just disregarded it. bad mistake people? i dont see the difference in cooling...and to think about it, air should be rushing up even more without it there.

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