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I have a 1995 sc400 and both my rear speakers were blown. I went to the dealer to get them fixed and as usual it was going to be entirely to expensive so I just replaced the whole system. To make a long story short, I have a Nakamichi Head Unit (the light works), I know the two side panel speakers work and the I have tha Amp and the cd changer if anyone wants to make me an offer on any of those they can email me or reply to this.

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I just repaired the Nakamichi amp for my 95 SC400 at a local car stereo expert.

However, I found out that my front passenger-side woofer is blown and I would like to know how much you are willing to sell your unit.

I just need one (the right side), but if the price is okay, I would perhaps get both in case.

Please let me know if they are in good shape and how much you are willing to hand them over for.

Let me know at sang_hwang@hotmail.com.



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