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1999 Es300 Coach Edition - Low Beams Don't Work

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I recently purchased a 1999 ES300 Coach Edition with 65,000 miles. Everything works fine on the car except for the low beam on the headlights. The high beams and fogs work fine. Do you think it's only a fuse or relay or the unlikely event that both low beams burned out at the same time? My wife is hounding me to fix it!!

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You can check the fuses of the low beam bulbs. Refer to the owner's manual for the exact fuse locations. The low beam fuses should be found in the smaller fuse box located in the driver's side under the hood.

If the fuses check out OK, then go ahead and check the low beam bulbs and make sure they're not burnt out. Just open up the hood, look for the electrical connector connected behind each bulb base and unplug, untwist the circular rubber grommet (just serves as a shield from any water or dust getting inside the headlamp), look for a spring clip which locks the base of the bulb into place and unhook and move it aside, and carefully pull the bulb out. FYI the bulb type for your car is H7.

You will notice almost right away that the driver side is harder to work with considering there is less room than the passenger side, but it can be done. Hope this info helps.

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