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Buying Rims

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Don't do it with a +15..

You can get away with different kinds of offsets other than what you said..

Like with me I have a +42 up front with a +47 in the rear.. And imo it's perfect, maybe too aggressive for some people but that's how we do things out in Syphville.. You can run a +32 to a +47 with no problems.. I've seen other people get other offsets but if you stay within those parameters atleast you know you'll have no worries..

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Thx Sypher!

What are those rims you have on your GS4? Im contemplating whether i should go 18's or 19's staggered setup. I got a blisten sports/tanabe nf210 suspension setup right now and don't want the ride to get too harsh. I got the stock 16's right now and just want a upgrade but still keep the ride smooth and not too hard. Is there a big diff going from 18's to 19's?

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