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Fuel Filter Replacement - Help!

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1992 SC400- tried to replace fuel filter under driver side wheel well. Disaster. First, didnt relieve fuel pressure. Got gassed when I got both end nuts loosened, but could NOT get them off! FINALLy got them re-tightened so I didnt drown.

Anybody have suggestion on how these nuts come off? Do you have to rotate the filter and hold the nut steady? Thanks for help.


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I had the same problem when I tride to replace my filter. A couple days later I had it in the shop because I had a dash light come on. I asked them to put the filter on for me. The worst possible thing happened. They got the inlet side nut stuck where it wouldn't come off or go back on. Since I didn't want to replace all the fuel lines they had to cut out and splice in a new filter. They ended up using a Nissan filter. This is probably not the norm but it is what happened to me.


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It's easy to bugger up the nuts. Relieve the pressure, soak the nuts (don't say it), and make sure to get a good grip on the line with a spanner wrench before you attempt to loosen the filter. I had an SC where the fittings were already a bit chewed and knew i'd have a problem changing the filter. I ended up changing all the fuel lines from the rail to the tank....not fun.

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Good Afternoon,

This procedure needs a set of fuel line wrenches.

Normal combination wrenches will damage the old filter and lines.

The stock Lexus filter has larger nuts than the fuel line. This way you can put the larger wrench on first, then the smaller one. Some after-market filters have SAE-size connectors, so check first.

Loosen the fuel filter clamp so the filter will turn. Take the bolt clear out so you can have max. wiggle room.

Those with gorilla hands can squeeze the two wrenches together like pliers and remove the filter. The rest of us can support the one wrench against the body and turn the other to get it loose. Start with the rear one, it has more room to move around. Then do the front, so you can hold the fuel line more easily. Make the filter move the most, it's getting tossed anyway.

I used a catch basin for the fuel, and to drop the old filter into. After breaking things loose, I removed the rear line, and spun the new filter on. Next, the filter went into the clamp (not tightened); I removed the plastic shipping plug and installed the front line.

The next challenge was to get things tightened back up. Several grunts and unmentionable phrases later, it stopped leaking. No damage, no leaks, no teflon tape. I lost about a pint of fuel. Even at today's prices, it was cheaper than taking it to the dealership, who would've wasted the same fuel anyway..

I put the clamp bolt back in, and fired it up. No leaks.

Take a look at the fuel that comes out of the filter. Even with consistent use of premium, it's still ugly.

Good Luck

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