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Loud Rapping Noise


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I'm tooling down the highway an hour ago, and suddenly my LS400 starts a loud knocking or rapping noise seeming to come from the left vent of the 2 vents located together just under the dash in the middle of the car-where the emergency flasher is located. The noise is a constant rap-rap, quite loud, about 3 per second.

Everything on the car works. No trouble lights on. All console controls work-A/C, heat, radio, clock, fans, displays. Shut the motor off-The rapping continues as long as electric is on. Increasing the fan speed does not change the rate of rapping.

I'm lost. Help appreciated. Also, can someone tell me where to find the instructions to remove the center console? I know I've seen it before.

Thanks for your help.

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Man, I'm holding a great conversation with myself.

I went to my local Indie, who said it's a broken gear in an air damper. 3-400 bucks. I guess he's right-If I turn the heat on full blast, the knocking goes away. Too bad it's the summer in Houston. Noisy A/C till Monday.

Anybody else ever have this problem?

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hey maybe more manners will help

when i heard a rapping noise on my LS it was the fans in the fron the thing holding it was lose or worn check with your dealer... i cant htink of the actually name of it right now

maybe i'll find my receipt that has it on there later if u are more polite

i dont know about the gear in the damper u are talking about though

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