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Just tried to change my antenna mast, followed the instruction manual, which says to push am and tape and turn key to accec all at same time, did that and got a ANT reading on screen but antenna did not extend!!!! Does this mean whole unit is bad or is it another part of the system????

Thank you for any help. Big O

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Do you hear the retract motor running when you turn the radio on and off? If so, the flexible nylon rod that extends and retracts the mast is probably sheared. If that is the case, you need to remove the entire antenna assy and remove the coiled up nylon rod from inside the cannister. If you don't hear the motor running when you turn the antenna off and on, then you need to check fuses, electrical connections, etc. If all the input voltages are good, then you will probably be looking for a complete antenna assembly. You will probably need the electrical schematics to determine if all the input voltages are good. I had the same problem as you describe and the nylon rod was sheared. I just replaced the antenna mast and it works great now.

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