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Touch-up Paint & Footwell Light Info Needed


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I have a couple of questions - first- I went to the local Toyota dealer for touch-up paint for my Lexus. I gave them the color number (4K8/LA45). They said that color was exclusive to Lexus, but called the other Toyota dealership (about 20 miles away), which also is a Lexus dealer and had the paint sent from there. I was supposed to pick up today, but had to take my Buick to the shop on my lunch hour and totally forgot about it. :wacko: My question is- I realized after, that I also need the other color for the lower part of the rear bumper (see photo and scrape), which is a different color that the lower part of the front bumper. How do I determine what color the lower rear bumper and "lower body cladding" is? Is there another number somewhere else, or is that "trim color" number the number for these parts of the car? The "LA45" is the trim color number- is this it?

My second question is- does anyone know what the bulb number is for the interior light in the footwell area? My driverside floor light does not work and I could not find the number for it in the owners manual, nor in the little light bulb computer at any of my four (4) local Wal-Mart Supercenters. Is this a "dealer only" bulb? Also, does the cover on the bulb just "pop" off? I could not remove it the other day, as I thought I was going to break it. Thanks for any information about either of these questions.

Attached are photos of my car - noticed the different colors on the lower parts of the bumpers. I need both colors, as the front also has a scrape on the lower part.


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the footwell bulbs as well as the glove compartment bulbs are a #74 wedge bulb

about the paint......you should just be able to call in and give the parts guy the VIN # of your vehicle, from that he can order you exact matches for upper and lower paint......thats exactly what i did when i ordered mine.

good luck :D

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You should be able to call a local paint supply store or nice body shop and they should be able to mix you a little of any color you need----they can get the cladding color from your paint codewith the computer they mix paint with. I imagine it would be cheaper and local...good luck

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I went to my local Lexus dealer here in the uk and they told me they cant get the touch up paint for my series 1 ls 400 because "its getting long in the tooth" :blink::blushing::wacko: :o :huh: :(

I went to a car shop and they mixed up the bottom colour from the vin plate but the lighter upper colour they could not find a ref for it :(

The bottom colour matched up spot on :)

So in the uk Lexus arent really interested unless youve got a new version of the car.I did tell Lexus that its very poor them not being able to get the paint for my car and that they should value there customers better :angry: and they should have more respect for us owners of older models,told them if it want for my series 1 model all there fancy building and newer models wouldnt have took off :angry: :chairshot: :chairshot:

The series 1 is the daddy of "LEXUS"

:D :D :D :D

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