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I know this is hard to answer but...My front bumper and rear bumper are beige shades of white while the rest of the car is like white. How do I know which color is the right color? This car is supposed to be the Pearl White. it's a noticeable diffrence. Like, the bumper is a browner shade of white than the body which is "white"

I know I wasnt able to explain the colors really well, but I hope u understand.

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i have a similar thing that has happened to my bumper over the years of the hawaiian sun. my gold bumper isnt that gold. i think its the flex additive in the paint for the bumpers that gives it that early fade or browning effect.

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My car is the opposite the car its self is noticbly pearl white, you can tell when its night and the light hits it, it kinda glows. but my bumpers are white. Im guessing they should be pearl white all over, but the flex coat can most certainly be the problem here.

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