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Question About Purchasing Pre-owned Sc400

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i hope to get a little advice about purchasing a sc400 somewhere between a 1995-98' model. im a senior in college so my funds are limited to $15,000. (i'd rather purchase a well kept, low mile sc400 than a newly used piece of crap whatever.) The sc400 has very nostalgic quality to me.. ANYWAY, i've found a lot a great deals on AutoTrader.com but im curious why the prices seem so reasonable. Is it just because it's an older car and most people wouldn't spend that much money for a 10 year old car or is it b/c the sc400 has certain maintenance problems above certain mileage??? what are some of the typical wear and tear costs that some of you owners have experienced. i am prepared for certain common repairs that would be needed on a 10 yr old car; gaskets, pumps, rubber lines etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks--Geoff--

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Get the lexus service record and carfax record. Get a certified lexus inspection for around $90 and see what the car needs. If it has 75,000+ miles the power steering pump could start leaking. If it is pre 1994 it will use R12 freon and proper conversion to R34a is expensive and freon is hard to come by at a reasonable price. Check the usual wear items:shocks/struts, brakes, rotors, tires and expect to change all fluids and filters--oil,coolant,brake,etc.

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nooo...the sc400 does not have any problems at high mileage. there has not even been 1 mechanical recall since it's birth in 92. buy it, give it a major tune up, and ul be set. just make sure it was well kept, that's all.

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