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Gs300 Engine Swap And Some ?'s

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First I would like to say hi to everyone I am brand new to this board and pretty much new to lexus's also. Here is my story, a friend of mine does body work for a living and he was about to fix a salvaged 93 model GS300 the car is in my opinion beyond repair needing a whole front clip and a whole rear clip not to mention radiator and supports. He got the car for free and didnt want to mes with it anymore so I said I would take it. The engine in the car starts fine and shows 71,500 miles on it. I dont know the condition of the transmission though.

My question is this.

What is the HP and TQ rating on this engine? Its an inline v6 a friend told me 220hp but I just want to make sure.

And the other question.. the MAIN question is.. what other cars would this engine fit into, I prefer something more lightweight and a little smaller than the GS300

and how hard it may be..

btw the interior is complete and the airbags did not come out, the interior and whats left of the body is for sale, contact me at tomanji2@comcast.net if you guys need anything.


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Okay, excuse my ignorance for not searching. I have found out that this is the same engine that is in the supra N-A.

I know this is common knowledge to you guys but I am pretty new to lexus/toyota and pretty much to imports.

So now that I know the engine type I still have one unanswered question. What other vehicle will this engine fit into besides the obvoiuse lexus/supra.

I was planning on building a BMW 318ti about a 94-95yr model. Will this swap work? I know it may be hard considering its a sideways inline 4cyl..

any suggestions on this swap would be great. Its a shame to not make this engine a monster its just sitting there.



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I doubt it, would have to fab something. The more I look at the 318ti engine bay and the Gs engine bay, im starting to think its near impossible.. I still have not found any one who may know what other vehicle this may fit. Its not that I have anything against the Lexus its just that I am looking for something a little smaller and lighter.


Ps: and not a civic either (-:

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