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Rx 300 Antenna Mast


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I replaced the antenna on my 99 RX300. Quite easy. I got the antenna from the dealer to make sure it was the right one. Anyway, loosen the ring at the base of the antenna. Turn the radio on and when the antenna starts to extend, it will basically come out by itself in your hand. Then just set the new antenna into the hole, turn the radio off and the antenna will retract back into the mast.

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You are correct about mast. I replaced my mast as well, without replacing the motor, etc. But I didn't do the work myself. I would assume you order through Lexus. You migh try this guy "JP Imports" (Importz) who advertises on this site. He's supposed to be pretty reputable in getting good prices on Lexus parts. You'd have to search around for his advertisement or ask around.

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