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91 Ls4 Struts


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i've been getting confusing info on this, but what are my options for replacing my struts on my 1991 LS 400?

1. does it originally have self-leveling?

2. can i just replace it with KYB or another brand?

3. what about those conversion kits?

4. what can i expect to spend on replacing all 4?

5. is having someplace like Sears(?) or another place that installs it for free be a real option?

thanks, y'all !


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jnicoli, You will have to check and see if you have the self-leveling system or not. If you do it will be more$$ to change them. Yes you can use KYB's, I'm going to be replacing my shocks and springs sometime this summer. You can buy the OEM shocks for less, found that out after buying my KYB's :blushing:. I have not heard anyone talk about a convertion kit before, that might be for the ones that have the self-leveling type. As for how much, the KYB's are around $300-350 for a set of 4 plus labor if your going to have someone else do it for you. I talked with the dealer about 3 months ago and it was going to be around $800 for all 4. I also plan on replacing my springs at the same time and you might want to do the same if you still have original shocks you must have the original springs. I'm getting those from the dealer. I heard that there is an after market springs that is stiffer and it lowwers the car about 1 inch, and I don't want that. I'm sure that Sear's can do it, but I would not trust them my self (Only my opinion). Let us know what you do.

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