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99 Sc400 Nak

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Hi all, Great Website! Hopefully someone has the answer to this one. I have a 99 SC400 with NAK and 6 CD changer in trunk. All is stock. Sound comes from all speakers but it is cutting or chopping out. It is consistant and does it all the time at any level of volume. It does this in all functions, CD, FM, AM and Tape. Now, I read a post where someone was having the same problem but had recently installed a cell phone, not the case here. No phone in car, nothing new added. Amplifier was replaced with new by dealer 2 1/2 years ago. I hope that isn't the problem again. I checked the connections under rear seat, all looks good. That's all I've done so far. Please post your thoughts!



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sorry to say its the amp again. this time make sure all water leak areas(5 places are trunk lip gasket, water overflo, gas overflo, right tailite gasket, airbox gasket) are checked. that is the usual cause of amp failure as nak amps mounted in non wet areas in other lexus are going strong 14 years later.

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thanks for the compliment. to paint a less gloomy picture i have the nakamichi service manual for the sc nakamichi amp i will send you for free. i will point out the chip that usually goes bad with your problem. it may fix the problem just to replace that protection chip. email me your address at pioneersuby@woh.rr.com and i will send the manual to you.

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