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Trouble Code 31


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Hello all,

I own a 91 LS400 with 145K having hesitating and jerking problem that initiated both the engine and the track light on (caused the engine to die sometimes). This problem happens mostly in the morning time whenever the HUMIDITY is kind of HIGH outside, same thing on a rainy day 2-3 minutes right after I start driving. Not to forget, mufflers seem to be spitting with bad smell.

I got code 31 after diagnosing the problem which indicates to "Air Flow Meter"


- Will replacing the AFM fix my problem for sure?

- How about cleaning the existing AFM with "STP throttle body and air intake cleaner"?

- Can anything be done after remove the 3 screws on top of the sensor?

Please advice.

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:huh: The chart says Volume Air Flow Meter Circuit is punching up an error code. No, replacing the Circuit will not necessarily fix your problem.

You're going to need to troubleshoot. The error code is referring to a loss in air flow somewhere in the system. If you've purchased a repair book from Lexus or a retailer, look through it.

If you can't, I'd advise you to take it to a shop or a mechanic who will understand the code correctly.

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