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Hi there my name is Emmerson and i just bought my 98 Gs 400 about 2years ago. Recently i have been doing upgrades to my car. I have already taken out the factory sub and planned to use the factory whole for later use. I now have one 15in Rockerford fosgate 1000watts RMS. Running by a 1200 amp (bridged). Every thing is running great so far in the car.

My question is, does anybody knows the sizes of the factory speakers in the door panels?.

What is the best speaker recommoned to replace those speakers.



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front speakers are 5.25..... but dont even touch them...no need to replace....i have pioneer radio and 1000 watt fosgate amp running to 12' fosgate power subs and my system kicks !Removed!. Im using factory speakers and they sound the same, if not, better than the infinity speakers i had in my honda. Hook up radio, amp and sub and see how you like it. If youre not satisfied (which i doubt), then replace the inside factory speakers and install 4 channel amp. You get real nice highs and the system is really clean with factory..at least im satisfied and i saved a bunch of money by not purchasing speakers, and labor to install 4 chan amp and speakers...hope this helps

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