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Considering Buying A Later Sc300


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I've decided I need a car in which to commute though heavy traffic, so that means an auto trans... I've always liked the appearance of the SC300, and I've always heard good things about Lexus quality - and the one toyota I've owned has been rock solid... So, I'm asking this:

SC300 owners, are there years I should avoid, features I should really look for - option packages that are ideal? I really don't know squat about this car save that it looks like it will do what I want it to do in some modest style, so any info you can pass on would be great. My budget keeps me from buying a newer / more current car, but don't these things hold together really well?

thanks much

Harry in sunny Escondido, CA

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i have a 97 with over 200k on it never had a problem its a great car and most ppl tend to like the 97 and up front end i personally think they look the best

the interrior on the car is still like new no problems with the leather or wood grain the only thing ive ever had minor problems with is the 10 disc cd changer but those were quickly fixed

my suggestion would be a 97 and up

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It's a great car. My 5spd '93 has 230k miles & is still rolling strong. You mentioned a commute. This may not be a concern to you. But, the SC requires premium unleaded fuel. My mileage ranges from 20-23 mpg depending on conditions. Spend some some time browsing the site. There are few issues common to the model.

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