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The Rust On My Poor Baby!

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Hello Everyone,

Is anyone elses ES starting to rust badly? I am getting some serious rust on the passenger side of my car.

- My fender is rusted about an inch all around the lip

- The front door has a big rust splotch (about 1" by 3") where the plastic molding meets the metal

- The Quarter Panel has some rust starting

I absolutely hate the rust on my otherwise beautiful car! I don't want to fork out huge $$$ to get this fixed. Does anyone have any idea how much rust erpairs cost at a body shop?

Or, does anyone have any good reference on Do It Yourself bodywork?



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Either get it fixed at a reputable body shop , sell the car , or live with it , we all get gray with time . :lol::lol::lol:

I don't know about your last choice.

Even if you don't want to pay a dealer, wouldn't you be better off sanding off the old rust and spraying some Rustoleum on it (after taping off surrounding areas, of course). That would prevent more damage and wouldn't cost much. It would also probably look better than the rust.

Just wondering.

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don't have a drop of rust on mine but i power wash it all winter to get rid of build up

CT sells a rust check spray green can for badly rusted and a clear one with a black cap that is great also but is not for use on paint

need a body shop to check it to see how much in person

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Rust Converter - Rust Treatment

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Clean surface from grease, dirt and oil.

Remove loose rust.

Paint directly on top of rusted area.

It quickly kills rust and neutralizes it completely. Water based "1"STEP rust converter works by a chemical reaction to eliminate rust and covers up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon. See before and after pictures below.

Another quality product from Interstate Products, Inc.

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After Two Years

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For use on: structures, machinery, equipment, vehicles, railings, marine applications, and more.

( To prepare surface: simply remove any loose rust, grease or oil and paint on with roller or brush. )

Dries in 30 minutes into a black protective coating.

Gives 2 to 4 x the rust protection of an acrylic or enamel paint without a top coat.

Clean painting tools right away and use just soap and water for clean up.

Field and lab tested.

Safer to use then latex paint.

If spilled on concrete-wash with soap and water immediately as "1" Step Rust Converter is extremely difficult to remove.

Neutralizes, primes and provides long lasting rust protection in one easy treatment!


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You may purchase on line below.

To order by phone or if you have questions, please call us at 1-800-474-7294.


Rust Converter FAQ's Rust Converter M.S.D.S. Sheet


Rust Remover

Hope this helps !!!!

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Thanks for the info!

The rust stuff sounds kind of interesting, but I was thinking of doing more a a real DIY bodywork job. I want to sand it down and refinish it (I have the area and tools necessary) but I need some good literature on how to do bodywork. If I don't do a perfect job, it's not a big deal. I can't make it look any worse :P

I keep my car clean all the time, but with all of the salty highway driving I do (a lot fo it!), rust is inescapable :(



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Rust proofing is a definate must especially for the winters we have here in Ontario where salt is used and eat's the car over time (unless it stays well under the freezing point). If any Ontario members want any info on a excellent rustproofing shop, let me know......my guy is fantastic & even does celeberty's rides! & is about one third of what dealers charge and his products are MUCH better than stuff like Krown and the like! B)


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remeber when pricing there are 2 things they do

undercoat which is just spraying everything under the car

and rust proofing which is internally spraying all panels which is where rust starts rather than on the outside which you wash

you may have to get a few holes drilled to have it applied properly.

it goes for about $100 here from good places

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Correct sk! My guy uses two types of procucts in the process you described (one for "undercoating & the other rustproofing), but it's a permanent product as opposed to getting it applied annually (I get it "touched up" every second year to be on the safe side), but he saturates the whole car on the first application so it soakes into the metal especially the black stuff for the undercoating which gets the most punishment in the winter.


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Sounds cool LexusFreak!

Unfortunately, it's probably too late for my car :( You can't really rust proof a rusted car :(

What I need to do is get my rust spots fixed, and then have my car rust proofed.

I am interested in this shop though. How much do they charge for such a procedure? My Dad bought an immaculate 1993 Mercedes S Class (only 38000 kms), and we are looking into getting it rustproofed.



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My dad's 90 Park Avenue is rusting out pretty badly now & that's after 14 winters & rustproofed since day one. My point is that once rust does start & eats away from the inside of the metal out, I'm afraid the only thing one can do is "mask" the problem and not totally take it away. Expect it to resurface in as little as a year (after just one winter). My friend (Doug) is in Mississauga, Ontario and owns a professional rustproofing/detailing shop called Gem Auto Protection. Check out his website: www.gemautoprotection.com There is a price list on his site, but if you give him a call & talk with him directly (mention you were refered to by Brenden Heys with the 2001 Beige Lexus ES 300) he will look after you if you tell him exactly what type of service(s) your looking for. He's also a friend of my Dad as well. As I mentioned before, his work is so good that celeberties have gone & still do go to him. Folks like John Candy when he was alive & Walter Grezkey (Hockey great Wayne's father) still takes his Lincoln there on a regular basis just to name a couple. Good Luck! B)

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(Undercariage) Just say NO to rustproofing! The problem with it is, the body panel it is sprayed on can rust from underneath the coating. It is porous material. If you try to coat it on a vehicle that has already been on the road, the moisture and dirt can get trapped inbetween and cause more problems that you can't see.

If you wanted to do it right, you would have to have the underside completely stripped down, and epoxy coated- then use a polyurethane based spray like Rhino liner. Then you can put the car back together! Other than that, the spray can stuff is only good for sound deadening, and some can be painted over. But I would only use if for small pieces you can do your self.

(Fender) If you take your car to a good body shop, usually the european body shops. They can probably fix a small section for around $400. They would have to fabricate a new piece of metal to fit, or replace a complete section. To do it your self, you would need a machine that bends the metal lips with contours, and a welder. It would probably be cheaper to replace the entire fender? Other sections would have to fabbed up by hand. You would also have to cut out the bad piece (into the good metal), easiest with a plasma cutter or jig saw, then patch and weld- use body filler to smooth out, and repaint the whole panel and maybe blend into the panel next to it. You may be able to rent a paint booth for cheap.

That is one thing I hate about buying a used car, is that most people don't ever wax their vehicle! Even once and a while would help situations like this from happening to a body panel. Oh, well- not everyone is as OCD as me (good thing). Good luck with it!

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I was thinking that too sk . . . mine is that Dark Emerald Green colour. I have been checking out www.car-part.com every once in a while, but never see any fenders for the ES in my colour in Ontario. I am rpobably best off buying aftermarket and getting it painted . . .

If I did buy a used part, it would probably start to rust anyways . . .

Can I just sand down the rust and use body filler instead of going through the whole welding process? This only has to last a couple of years . . . by then I'll be out of school and will be able to buy a newer Lexus B)



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Let me know what you are willing to spend

i was going to replace mine with some japanese ones

i have the same colour and they are absolutly rust free so no prep work needed

just bolt and unbolt them

Hey sk,

Why were you going to replace yours? Are your rusty as well? Is there a difference betweent eh japanese and north american fenders?

I only need the fender on the passenger side . . . my driver's side is still fine.

If the japanese-style is different, then Iwould have to buy two fenders (and I only need one).

I haev seen preped aftermarket ones go for about $260.00CAN, so that is probably my best bet. If I bough used, they could start rusting themselves in a year or so . . .



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If you get the fenders replaced as you mentioned & there is no SIGNIFICANT rust the rest of the car, then it might be worth getting the car rustproofed by Crown for about $110. That way, I think there should be no problems for your ES to last you a couple more years & perhaps selling it down the road & get a reasonable $$$ (privately) to put towards a newer Lexus B)


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