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Hot Imports Night

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I suggested on some other forums that we can meet up along West River Drive between Mongomery and Strawberry Mansion Bridge..in one of the empty parking lots on the side. I got a few replies. I am gonna get a definite...probably only going to be half a dozen people...but we can all roll together to HIN, which is 10 minutes form the lots on W. River Dr.

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6/26/2004: 3:30-4pm in one of the empty parking lots along West River Drive between Montgomery Drive and the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. The parking lots are along the river side, and are big enough for everyone to go in.

Then, we can cruise together to HIN at the convention center, which is like 10 minutes away.

HIN starts at 4pm at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this saturday, 6-26-2004. Tickets are just under $30, but PM me and I will give you a code to get $5 off. My total was $22 or something.


Buy your tickets there ahead of time, otherwise you are going to be waiting in line for a minimum of 2 hours...

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