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Front Brake Upgrade

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depending on the the make of rotor company i've seen them say it will fit 91'-97' modles, others say 92'-01'. my friend is a service advisor at VW and he is recomending me getting a set of PAGID pads, hes heard real good reviews about them, and has them on his 89' BMW e30

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the fronts are the same rotors

but the rears are smaller on the 97 and up

bembros are one of the nicest ones i have seen

slotted to me is perfect for street

make sure you get plated rotors with beveled slots with a slight curve to reduce noise

they brake better you only use more brake pads up if you brake hard alot but it is just reducing you braking distance

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Tundra-Lover, I'm running front Hawk pads right now. I've had them for around 8 months and they're great. Jules, I would recommend these brakes to you. They're excellent rotors (their only fault is that the parts that have no contact with the pads like to rust), and you have a choice of the pattern as well. I got them when I got the Hawk pads. I can post pics of them if you like. :cheers:

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