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Changing Rear/front Brakes/rotors On 94 Sc400...?'


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my friend purchased a set of rotors and new brake pads...i told him i would do it for him because ive done MANY rotor/brake installs...but mostly on domestic vehicles...

just wondering if there are any problems that im gonna run into beside the bolts being a pain in the !Removed! to remove(got plenty of PB). What size are the 2 caliper bolts and caliper frame bolts that holds the rotor? what about for the rear is it the same process? i usually use a rubber mallet to get the rotor out if its stuck...will that still work, or is there anything else that i might need to know? its a 94 lexus sc400. any tips/advice would be great. thanks guys :)

1999 Z28

310 rwhp / 321 rwtq

13.1 @ 105

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i hope you have metric bolts :lol: well i believe the 2 caliper bolts up front are 17mm. i dont remember what the rear is but its either 14 or 17. and when taking off the rotor you need a #3 phillips screw driver, and dont forget to release the parking brake when taking off the rear rotors because inside the rear rotors are inner drum brakes for the parking brake. otherwise its the same as any other car. good luck!

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after taking the caliper off the rotors are held in place with i think 2 phillips screws, dont try to fudge it with a #2 you also might want to find a 1/4in. socket and get a #3 bit and use it in the ratchet because there is more leverage.

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