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Michelin Defender T & H or Defender 2?


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It's time for new tires and I was going to get the Michelin Defender T & H, but I see that the Defender 2 supposedly gets a few more miles, but I don't see much about them online. I did read somewhere though that they have a B rating vs. an A for the T & H.

I'm in the Chicago area so handling in the snow is a big concern for me. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate them!

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Hi, Gail. So it looks like you do NOT want snow tires. Is that correct? If snow is a big concern, would you consider having a set of snow tires for Winter months and then all-season tires for the rest of the year? In general, Michelin tires have longer tread life compared to all the other brands. 

If you want all-season tires, the Michelin Cross Climate2s have better wet braking, hydroplaning resistance, snow traction, and ride compared to the Defender T&H tires. Both types are rated to 85,000 miles.*

*Consumer Reports magazine, December 2022 edition

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I agree with RX400h regarding the Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires.  Those tires have a long warranty and is a great all around tire including light snow.  I have the Cross Climate 2 tires on my HS 250h and love them.

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