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Difficult To Start After Parked Under The Sun


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My 1999 RX300-AWD has 105k Miles.

When parked under the sun during summer (COLD ENGINE), I have to step on the gas pedal for 10-20 sec when starting the car. Otherwise the engine dies. I plug the scanner, and there is northing wrong. I also checked the relay, fuses, spark plugs, air filter and fuel pressure. Everything seems normal.

Also, recently I notice more problems: after driving for a while, I stopped @ a store for 10-15 minutes, then the engine fail to start. I have to press the gas pedal for 10-20 seconds to keep the engine running.

Anybody ever expreienced the same problems before?

Please help me!

Appreciate any comments/advises.

Location: Los Angeles

Email: mek88@yahoo.com

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could be as simple as vapor lock,

could be a fuel pressure regulator problem,

could be an slow idle air control valve,

could be dirty fuel injectors, a lazy fuel pump, a dirty TB assembly.

could even be a malfunctioning coolant temp sensor.

many of these can be faulty and not trip a trouble code.

your best bet is to leave it with a skilled technician who can hook up the proper scan tools to monitor all engine signals ans sensors to see what it not operating properly when the engine won't start cold or when it needs full pedal to stay running.


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Before spending megabucks, try this: Run some Valvoline SynPower concentrated injector cleaner through an entire tank of super unleaded (93 octane). Lower octane fuel is more prone to vapor lock, which is what your problem sounds like. I had the same thing happening to my Saab, which only has 42K miles. This fixed my problem. Hopefully it will fix yours, also.

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take it to someone who knows what they are doing

if you have to ask how to remove a throttle body it is probably left to experts to be replaced after

I never said you need to replace it i said clean it.

Since I do not like to pay the dealer big bucks, I want to clean the TB and IACV myself during this sumer weekends. But I can not find any detailed instruction for RX300 on this site or clublexus. Do you have a copy to share?

Thanks. :)

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