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I may have a problem with the alternator on an LS400 '94. If it turns out I do need a new one, how easy is it to do this job myself? I know nothing about cars and have no tools, btw.

Does anyone besides me have the nerve to try to buy parts off EBay for cheap and take it to a mechanic for install? Anyone know a good reliable source where I can find this part for less than the 375 the dealer quoted me? Plus they will ask for four hours labor at 100 per. So, with tax, I'm looking at close to a grand to replace this. Seems excessive.

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You might want to check the part number as they share the same parts bin as many other Toyota vehicles, like the Avalon or something like that. It may even be the same as the Landcruiser as its a V8, or Tundra V8 alternator? The parts counter at Toyota may be able to cross reference it for you. Other than that, you may be able to find one off of a wrecked car at a salvage yard? Once you buy it, they are not to bad to replace- though you might want to buy a service manual to help guide you.

Before you replace it, I would have another shop check the alternator to make sure that is the problem.

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