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Headlamp Replacement

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I have a 1995 Lexus Gs and I wanted to replace the dull yellow housing which come with the car, i've looked all over and I have not found an aftermarket part with the clear lens for that particular years. Unlike the honda accord or civics which has plenty of aftermarket lenses available.

If anyone knows of an aftermarket headlamp replacement ?

or I was also considering modifying an 2002 honda accord headlamp to see if it would fit in my headlamp housing?

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You may be able to dis-assemble the one you've got and restore it (I take it that it has gone yellow through ageing?)

You can split the unit by heating the glue with a hairdryer and gently pulling the lens away from the housing.

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hair dryer?i think theres been alot of talk about taking apart your headlights so i wont get into it again but just do a search and you will find alot of posts about how to clean and clear your headlights.also i will have to disagree with the hairdryer unless someone could saftley say they used one to take it apart.i used my oven and heated them.theres a think urethane that holds them together and i just dont think a hair dryer will do it.if you have a oven be safe and do it that way.

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