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Will A 1jz Swap Into A Sc400?


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I have searched every thread I could find at this and other Lexus and Toyota web forums and have not found a difinitive answer.

I am considering purchasing a high mile SC400. It has over 180K and I know that the engine would last another 100K,... but not at boost. I would like to swap in a low mile (50K) 1JZ engine set.

I assume that the mounts are the same? I know that most car makes with two or more engines choices in the same chassis are setup with the same mounts to make the manufacturing easier. Is this true with the SC's?

I assume that the tranny is the same length between the 300 and the 400, because the shift lever is the same place in the two cars. But, what about the driveshaft? Is there a difference between the rear diff in the two vehicles? Do I need to get a custom driveshaft to mate the 1JZ tranny with the 400 pumpkin?

Wiring will be a pain in the neck.. I know that ahead of time. Are there any wire diagrams that anyone can post a link to?

Yeah... I could make things easier and just get a SC300, but they are a more expensive to purchase than the 400's.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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From what has been discussed here earlier, the mounts are different between the 1jz and 1UZ. If you get the rebuild on a V8 it should handle a supercharger. Youre going to have to do a rebuild on the 1jz regardless, and it may be easier to just rebuild the 8 and supercharge it. The transmission is not the same length either. On the automatic, you can place the shifter wherever you want to because its just a pivot point connected to a shaft that goes to the "real shifter". The W58 transmission is a different length to my knowledge, and the R154 which is what you would get with a 1JZ is another length altogether. Depending on what year you get determines the shifter as well. The earlier years came with a dog-leg style shifter. Im not sure if the lengths of the W58 and R154 are the same, but im pretty sure they arent. You might be able to find the R154 driveshaft, but it shouldnt cost that much to have the SC400 extended and balanced.

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That's great feedback. Thanks for your input on the different tranny's.

I have never been a big fan of V8's. My background is in the 4 and 6 cylander Nissan Engines. I love an I6 turbo engine!!! That's why I really would love to do the 1JZ. So, according to what you are saying, the SC300 is by far the better choice over the 400 for what I want to accomplish.

Thanks very much for your reply. I will have to decide whether I want V8 power or to find an SC300.

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Or you get a 1jz and R154, save at least 10k. Youre going to pay alot more for the .5L of displacement and a poor flowing head(in comparison to the Yamaha). The engines hold the same power, but the 1jz has a better flowing head. Same bore, just different stroke. The GETRAG is strong, but dont count out the R154. As long as you get a good one to start with, itll hold alot.

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