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Dents In Roof Strips On 2002 Gs300

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i have a friend that bought a certified 2002 gs300 at parkplace in dallas several months ago.recently he has noticed that the roof strips have dents all over them. is this normal? i think its either a sign of hail damage or damage from removal process.the car does not have any signs of paintwork that iv'e noticed. any body have this problem?

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Roof strips? That's a new one. I assume you are referring to the rain gutter that starts at the base of the windshield and goes up the edge, down the side of the car and ends at the rear window?

If there are dents in them from hail, the roof will look like a Bosnian back-street as well. If the roof is good, then another possibility is that they were removed for some reason. Perhaps the windshield was replaced? If the windshield does not have identical markings in the lower driver's side corner as the rest of the glass in the car, you can bet is was replaced. Improper installation could very well be at fault.

I'm having my windshield replaced next week, so I'll be on the lookout for just how those strips come off. They better send their best guy to do the job, or there'll be !Removed! hell to pay!

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