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Frame Comparison

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I know there isn't much of a difference between the supra and the 300/400. So I was wondering if anyone has bothered to do the homework and find out if the supra TRD sway bars/bushings, shifter or let alone anything else related to susp. and or drivetrain would cross over to the 300/400?? Any info would help. -thnx

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TRD bushings and sway bars from a mkiv will work. There are two mounts that need to be removed from the SC and replaced with mkiv style mounts to accomodate them so that is your additional component above the normal parts. People have claimed great benefits. I have not done this yet but I will. I can get more details.

Good luck.

daizen parts

Soarer bushing replacement (same as SC)

Daizen parts are built to fit the SC but are a great improvement. To swap to mkiv TT bars - the subframe mounts and swap bar mounts from the mkiv are needed - kind of expensive.

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