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Original Options On '95

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Im currently looking for a good deal on a '95 SC300, 5spd with less than 80k.

I checked Kelly Blue Book to see what the options for the year are, but I was confused about a couple things. What is Nakamichi Audio? I assume its the best sound system offered and if the advertisement for the used car says 'premium audio' I can assume thats it?? Also, about traction control. I like to really drive my cars and I plan on doing the 2JZ-GTE swap at some point in the future. So, I dont really need traction control do I?

Also, according to Kelly Blue Book I should not pay more than $13,500 for an excellent condition 5spd, loaded with 80k. The average cost im seeing advertised for cars fitting this description is about 15k. Is this just used car dealerships trying to sucker someone? Or is this a markup I should expect to pay since the 5spds are a little rare?

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About price that depends on year as well. It's ultimately up to the seller what the car will go for. You can negotiate and make lower offers.

Traction control is not mandatory and is only available on automatic models. 13.5K is realistic. You could find one for less if you're lucky. Nak is the high end audio.

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