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Trac Light

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You can try reseting your cars memory by disconnecting the neg. battery terminal for 20 min . and then reconnect and go for a drive and see if that does the trick , If it comes on again there may be a problem - then get the car diagnosed and find what is causing this .

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Crzyspaniard84 your situation sounds like a possible faulty wheel speed sensor. Any better scan tool, such as a Snapon MTG-2500 or Snapon Modus, or OTC will be able to graph the speed from all of the wheel sensors. You can easilly spot if a wheen starts to report something odd like 0 MPH when all the others report the actual speed. Codes are usually set for problems like this which may be retrievable with such tools. The Lexus/Toyota handheld diagnostic computer will definately diagnose this.

As for AlexR, you may be in the same boat. But usually, the ABS light will be on as well for the condition described above. Same procedure, check the computer for codes.

Note to Everyone Please state the year of your car in your user info. It's very helpful when you ask technical questions!

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