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20" Wheels/tire Questions

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i have a 98 GS300 and i want to put 20" wheels/tires on my car....

Now do i have to get different sizes on my front and back, (i think its called diameter or Wheel offset) can i get the same size in my fron and rear?

and what will i need to know as far as lowering..is it needed??

Thanks for any help.

This is the only thing holding me back from getting my rims so Quick help is great!!

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do you have any HP upgrades? I like the light weight feel of an 18" on my trany... But to the question at hand. I have some 20"s with a 1.75 drop. If you use the correct offset you should get away with a 8.5 wide wheel upfront and up to a 10" wide wheel in back. I run a 245 on the front with a 275 on rear. Lsportline has a great ap for our car. I also love the feel and look on the new ( I hope I spell this correct ) Mahdi Caesar that is made by 5zigen.... They have a mix and match off set and sizing to bolt on with a correct fit and look. It will cost you around 4,000.00 but well worth it! Go to www.mahdicaesar.com/ts5html ;)

I do not get any rub or drag. If you are turning sharp and hit a bump you wil rub the fenders outer lip, but that is com on any low car with larger rims.....

Take it easy ( the ) LEXO

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