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Diff Oil For 2000 Platinum


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I've got a 99, had 53K to start off with me. I changed diffy using Castrol 75-90W synthetic. I use Amsoil 5-30 synthetic for engine oil and just got 2 quarts of Amsoil 80-90W for the diffy. I'm just changing again for the fun of it (@65k) and then its good until 90K.

You need 1.43 quarts. I re-used the washers for the first change but will get new ones this time.

Anyway, I recommend any name brand synthetic rated GL-5. 80-90W is the preferred oil if winter temps get below zero; otherwise straight 90W.

YOu need a 10mm hex socket and torque is 39 ft. lbs.

Undo the top plug first - just to make sure it does come loose so you CAN refill....

Good luck.

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Thanks "agent 99"..........exactly the info i needed.

Will probably go with an 80-90W here in Connecticut.

i'm assuming using synthetic in the Lexus differential is ok ?? (provided it is GL-5 rated)


Synthetic is perfectly good. I have had no problems with it. I don't know if mine had ever been changed before either. It's supposed to be done @ 30K intervals, (which was shown on my car) - but I never trust em. So like you, I changed it to be sure. Good move.

Use any brand your comfortable with - Castrol, Mobil, Valvoline, etc..... Should be good to go. For those extremes; cold winters and hot summers.....you can't beat synthetic. 80-90W is perfect!

It can be hard to tip the quarts up enought to get the gear lube in the diffy. I had to run a clear 3/8' tub from the fill hole, along the R driveshaft, and up & over the RR wheel to pour the gear lube in. Wasn't room to tip the quart bottle up and squeeze the oil in. Maybe I should have tried harder, there's got to be a way :unsure:

I bought a little pump (walmart) that fits the quart bottles for the next time. I"m hoping this makes it easier. Fill just barely to the top!

Hey, the bottom plug has a magnet attached so be sure and clean it off too!

If you're really into DIY, I pan drain the tranny every 5k ( when changing oil) - so this keeps the tranny fresh too! It only takes 2 quarts (approx.)

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I work at a lexus dealership you car takes 80-90 gear oil in your diff. get the washers it will leak other wise, tehy go so that the flat, wider side is towards the base of the plug and the pointier side is towards the diff

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