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Will 93 Gs300 Coilovers Fit On 92 Sc?

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i just won a set of coilovers for a 93 gs300, yea stupid me diddnt read everything, but i was in a hurry for work and the title said tein coilovers lexus 93-98 supra.

so i bid, and my *BLEEP* won, then it says these came off his 93 gs300 and he doesnt know if they fit any other car. wtf he put supra in the title for, i dont know, but if they will fit then great. But from what i know i dont think they will because thats not even the newer gs, any help would be great


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yea the first thing i did after looking in some forums was call the dealer, they seemed like they diddnt know too much, but after switching to a few people one guy said that the chasis are different so it wouldnt work. i just took that answer.

i sent the guy explaining the sit and he hasnt emailed me back, so as long as he lets it go i dont care.


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