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Replacing Gear Shift Knob - Lx 450


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I am thinking of replacing the automatic gear shift knob on my 97 LX 450. Has anyone ever replace the knob? If so, which knob was used (name, brand, model number) I am concerned about the overdrive button. I would also like to replace the gear shift knob stick to a shorter length. Trying to gain more leg room. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....THANKS!

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Yeah i replaced the old shift knob with aluminum round blue neon... 1 of kind ,

@ nite time its really nice.... people been askin ~ glowin shift knob?? hhuehee.e. ;)

not easy to install thou.. u gotta run all the necessary wiring and connect it to the dim lights.. by the way i got this short shift knob from over seas... not available in the states..

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I'm a pretty big guy myself...but I got used to not hitting that shift knob.

A better solution: I'm waiting for a guy I know to finish fabbing up a bracket that allows the driver's seat to go back a couple more inches. I tested a prototype and it works great. That's what ya really need...

I'll provide more info once he begins manufacturing the brackets.

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