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Remote Key Access


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Hey guys,

the remote access on the key to my '91 LS does not operate. Is there a good source to repair or replace these keys? It has a new battery, and everything else looks functional. Any good source to buy new keys ?


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Well, lets start of by this:

Is the Remote on button turned to 'on'?

It is above the lever of the trunk opener and gas tank cover.

Ok. Since it is a Gen. 1 LS you cannot buy another key of ebay or anywhere else and program it to work, they cannot be programmed.

You have to buy a whole new ECU [computer] with new keys. You can go to your local Lexus dealer and they can put a new one in. One key: $150 Two Keys: $300-350. And, you can't add more keys later on; since, I mentioned they are not programable.

For, that much money. You can buy a very nice aftermarket security system or remote system.

So, I think I speak for all of us when I say, don't waste your money buying the Lexus remote keys. Unless, you just want to.

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93LS, I wish I would have read this before bidding on This uncut remote key with programming instructions on Ebay. :o

Are you sure there's no way to program these? If not, I'm going to retract my bid, if possible. :censored:


I'm realy sorry for the late response. If you get the key cut by a lock smith or a dealer that will work.

But, not the remote part.

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