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Bought New Lexus / Insurance $3000 For 6 Months

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Sup everyone,

I just turned 18 yrs old few days back and I bought myself with the help of my parents a 98 Lexus GS 300 with 52,000 miles.

I am looking around for insurance and so far I have been getting quotes at $3,000 dollars per 6 months.

Anyone paying this much? or know of cheap insurance company? I need FULL coverage since I am making payments on it.

So far it looks like I will be going on my parents coverage....

Thanks :whistles:

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Congrats first of all on your new car. 18 yrs old? Good luck finding a cheap insurance company with that car and your age. Sorry, don't mean to be pessimistic, but next time I would research your insurance cost on your future cars. I would try to stay on your parents policy if you can, and make one of your parents the primary driver of the vehicle, if they're cool like that. So your insurance will be lower. We all go through it at that age, us guys anyways, we always get raped on insurance when we're young, something about us driving fast or something. Good luck!


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i, just like you bought my 98 gs 3 at the age of 18 last year (1yr and loving it). so far on a monthly basis i only pay 150.00 a month to my dad since im on his insurance. the more cars you have on your plan the lower your rates. this payment is by the way full coverage. but yeah my parents did help me by putting my dad as primary driver. so good luck and congrats.

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welcome to the world of the youth ..your age and experience determine about how much you will pay for your car insurance im 34 have 4 cars and pay a total of just under 4000.00 for all of them with full coverage .

yea it does suck the price you pay..i sugest you shop around a little more or raise your deductables to lower the price..

also (here in nj) you get a discount if you have a car alarm or low jack in your car.

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i just bought mine also...98 gs300..im 26 no accidents or tickets ever and i pay 147 a month with geico. Progressive and a few others wanted almost 1700-1900 for 6 months. I paid 680 for full coverage with geico. couldnt beat that price...I SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY ON MY CAR INSURANCE BY GETTING WITH GEICO!!!!!!!!! LOL

Yea dude, you should have researched a bit more before buying that type of car at your age. If i were you, id stay on your parents insurance.

good luck and congradulations

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what did you pay for the 98gs with 52k miles?

After the payments with interest it will be around $20,000 Nice deal :D Blue Book value is at $25k

The car had 1 owner who must have been really old since the car must have sat in his/her garage and took very good car of it. Trunk is new, engine super clean as well the the interior and exterior. It also has tons of extra's such as gold package and the protective film over the front of the car. All that is missing is floor mats which I have already ordered. Plus I bought it from a Honda dealership, lol

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