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Spark Plug Wires

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I have been searching for aftermarket spark plug wires that will help boost HP for my 1997. I used to own a set of Nology Hotwires for my 93 Accord and they were wonderful. They made a huge difference in acceleration and top speed. I went to www.Nology.com and noticed they made them for the earlier ES300 (90-93). They didn't offer them for any other years. I contacted a sales guy and he told me that if I send him a set made for my particular year, they can custom make a set that will fit my car. Has anyone found a set of aftermarket wires that helped bost Performance?

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Changing stock wires in good condition to the "Super Deluxe" type wires will NOT give you any appreciable increase in performance. Before they had computer controlled engines, this type of upgrade, including hot coils made a bigger difference.

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The guy quoted me $234.82 for the set. I paid $200.00 for my set for my Accord. I never clocked my 0-60 time but I know it shaved some time off. I was able to reach higher speeds and really feel my acceleration. I was impressed with them also because I had them on for over 110,000 miles and they were still pumping.

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