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Es300 Power Antenna

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I need to fix the grinding noise coming from the antenna. The antenna goes up 3/4 of the way, and the grinding noise starts and stops in a few seconds. Retracting of antenna has to be done manually by pushing it down. Every now and then, the antenna works fine, meaning it goes up and down normally.

Does anyone know where I can find the diagram of antenna assembly so that I can fix it myself?



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It sounds like you probably just need a new antennae mast. They sell pretty cheap on ebay (that's where I got mine for about $15US I believe), or you can buy one on a Lexus parts site. I don't know how much the dealer charges fo this.

Your antennae mast has a long straight plastic gear with teeth on it. It sounds like some of yuor teeth may be broken, so that the antennae cannot extend the full way. The grindnig sound is your antennae motor trying to push the antennae up (without success because of the bad teeth).

Replacing the mast is super easy. You just have to pull out your old one, and feed the new one in as you turn the radio on. The motor will suck the new one right in.

Let me know if you need more help,


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By th way, if you look behind the carpet in the trunk where the antennae is, you will see the motor. You can disconnect the wiring harness there if you want to cut the power to your antennae motor. This might be a wise idea until you get a new antennae mast so that you don't damage your motor.

Surprisingly, I don't see any for sale on Ebay right now . . . does anyone know of a website where you can buy the antennae masts from?



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