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How To Post Pics

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1. download photos to ES gallery (click on add photos and follow instructions), then

2. open LOC a second times your desktop.

3. log in to one LOC and reply to thread you want to post in.

4. on the other LOC, go to the ES Gallery and click on the pic your want to place in the thread. when the pic is opened and the only picutre on the screen. right click, the select properties, then copy the http address of the pic.

5. go back to the LOC that has the thread open that you want to post a pic in.

6. when posting, click on the "IMG" button above the posting box.

7. paste the address of the pic in the new box that opens.

8 click OK and the picture is now pasted in the thread.

download pictures of 600x400 or smaller. larger pictures will make the thread wider and the it is hard to see the pictures all at once.

opening two LOCs on the desktop works great when you are posting multiple pictures but is not necessary if you only post one pic. With multiple pics you can alternate back and forth between LOCs and not have to backpeddle through the one forum.

good luck, scream if you need any help. :P


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