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What Do You Use For This?

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say you have washed your car & its been waxed recently. what product do you use to remove the bug & tar specks on the front & down the sides without removing the wax coating? i usually use a wet rag & then dry the area but this takes a lot of elbow grease. a bug & tar remover would remove the wax coat i bet.maybe a little soapy water on a wash cloth is the answer.

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~One man’s opinion / observations ~

Due to it’s acidity bug or bird excrement has usually removed the paint prtection (wax/sealant) were it alights on the paint film surface.

Bug Residue:

Dried bug remains are acidic and can etch paint or glass surfaces, and should be removed as soon as possible. To remove the residue caused by various bugs pre-soak heavy bug contamination with an insect pre-cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol. To prevent any possibility of scratching from bug remains, use plenty of soapy water for lubrication when using a mesh insect sponge (Autopia Soft Scrub Insect Sponge). Apply paint protection once residue has been removed. Can also be used on glass, plastic, clear coat paint, vinyl, chrome and fibreglass

~Hope this helps~

Experience unshared; is knowledge wasted…/ Jon

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I use IZ insect and tar remover. It is concentrated for removal of insects, tar, grease, bird droppings and other contaminates from paintwork, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic. With its unique solvent properties, It cuts through dead insect remains and dried-on bird droppings.You can get it from the lexuscarcare store.

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