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96ls Power Antenna


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My 96LS power antenna decided to stop working today. I can still hear the motor running when I turn the radio on and off. I have removed the antenna and found that the drive cable is only about 7.5" long.

1. Should this drive cable be longer?

2. How hard is it to remove the cable if it is broken in the power antenna motor unit?

3. What is the cost of the mast itself?

Thank you for all input. Cheers to all.


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I just ran out and measured my new mast in the garage. Its tail is approx. 42 long. It's not a hard task; it's just time consuming as you have to move the trunk lining to get the antenna motor out to then disassemble it. I think I paid about $45 for a Lexus mast at newlexusparts.com. I have this problem too; I just haven't had time to go do it! :whistles:


'95 LS400


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Now, I need to figure it out how or if I can save the gold tip to put on the new mast.  I had the gold package.  Cheers!

The nut that surrounds the mast?? Or the actual tip of the mast? I've never seen the actual mast tip gold plated before!


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:) I had a similar issue in my 92 LS. In my case the metal antenna mast was broken and stuck inside the antenna housing tube. I purchased a new metal mast and plastic gear set from an eBay seller for about $20. I had to remove the antenna housing/motor unit and extract the broken mast and gear. The new mast and gear slid right in and attached perfectly. Even the tip of the mast looks OEM . Removing the antenna unit/motor is some what of a chore, but once out the rest of the job was rather easy.

I made the mistake of attempting to disassemble the antenna motor from the mast housing , but this isn't necessary. Just remove the mast housing part if you have to extract the broken plastic gear. The new gear simply slides in and will only fit in one direction so try rotating it until it "catches".

The new mast instructions indicated that the tip could be removed and replaced with an original gold plated one. I used the new chrome one b/c it matched my old one perfectly.

IMPORTANT: place electrical tape or similar around the antenna mast nut on the body. This will reduce the chance of scratching the paint.

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