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96 Dead electric but motor runs


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Hi, thanks for reading. 1996 LS 400 bought it for $500 as a parts car. Seller reported major electrical problem. Around 220 K miles based on receipts in the glove compartment, Dash is dead so I can’t see actual mileage.
I’ve read through the ECU leaking threads.
This doesn’t feel like that, its not random things being dead it’s most of the car being dead.

courtesy light at driver door
dome lights
airbag light turns on briefly when you turn the key to on
the open door light on the dash works.
I have a fully charged battery attached to it

Motor cranks from the starter when you turn the key.
Engine will RUN smoothly when I spray starter fluid at the intake and turn the key.
This must mean the ignition is on, and I’m getting spark through the distributor, spark, plug, wires, spark, plugs, etc.

fuel pump does not prime when I click the key on.

radio dead
gauges dead
climate control dead
headlights dead
power windows and door locks dead
trunk release and gas release dead

I have a full extra set of relays, fuses, and fusible links from a wrecking yard.

There appears to be a ton of caked oil on the driver side of the engine, likely from a long term valve cover leak running down towards the AC compressor.

again, thanks for reading,


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