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my GS300 has IS300 wheels, and it looks like this:


I found a set of 17"Enkei wheels for $350, which is much less than i could get for my IS wheels with the kumhos, that look like this:


should I sell the IS wheels and buy these? which do you think would look better?

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The ones on the car are perfect for the GS in that color. The other wheels are not even that different from the ones that you have on now. I don't know why you would want to purchase them, unless you just like those and feel better with them on.

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if its looks you are concerned with then... either one is fine... I would save the money and keep the lexus ones unless you can make money on the deal... if it is performance you are looking for. then find out wich wheel is lighter... but the lexus wheel will more than likly be more stronger.

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