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How Good Is The Lexus Alarm/key Chip, Etc ?


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OK, I know any thief can disable any alarm for the most part so I don't expect perfection. I have a 01 ES300 and it came with the standard alarm/key chip thing. I always liked a disable feature on past alarms. I don't like aftermarket systems since they never really work right and they often screw up the electrical.

How good are the Lexus alarms/theft prevention chips ? Is it enough ? Is there a easy upgrade ?


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First of all, they don't dissable the alarm- they just don't care! If they want it, it only takes a minute to get what they want- and your left with the alarm still going!

I don't really understand what you mean by "aftermarket systems screw up the electrical, and don't work right anyway." The factory alarms are a nice deterant to some, but most people like the keyless entry it provides. Most thieves will go to a car without an alarm first anyway.

One of the benifits to an aftermarket is, you can have shock sensors placed about anywhere, remote start, GPS alert- like with High Jack, remote engine shut-off, blah blah blah.... just about anything you want! And yes! There are very good systems out that also come with a remote that will page you when something happens to your vehicle, and also show you on the remote what area of the vehicle it was done to! You can add to the one you have- like remote start for $200, or just bypass the stock system, and put in a better one for around $400-800. Most places will stand by the work done, and offer warranty's.

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an alarm is more of a conveience thing

just like a lock on your front door stops an honest person but an alarm stops a theif

the transponder keys make it hard to break the ignition system and start the car

with one ,just tow it away and work on it in your garage

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I think what Geo meant about aftermarket systems !Removed! up the electrical is that they sort of mess up the alarm system. One of my parents' old cars did not have an alarm and they wanted one so they could have the keyless entry. They had one installed and every time you would lock the doors hitting LOCK on the door and unlock them with the remote, the alarm would go off. The guy at the place where they got it installed said that they had to follow a "sequence" and that if you lock the doors without the remote, you have to UNLOCK them without the remote too. I think that's stupid... that is probably what Geo meant. This was my experience, anyway. I just like the factory-installed systems. I am sure there are good aftermarket systems, but they need to be installed properly and people had better make sure there is no "sequence" that they need to follow. It's a pain in the @$$.

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