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Aftermarket Speakers


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I have some extra cash, and I wanted to replace my stock speakers with some aftermarket ones.

I was thinking of getting Alpine or Infinity Kappa or Infinity Perfect components for the front door, and then either Alpine or Infinity Kappa or Perfect for the back.

I know the back speakers are 6x9s, but what about the front doors? At crutchefield, they are telling me that the front doors are 6.5" components, but I thought they were 5.25"?

Also, some of the component systems I have been looking at have .75" tweeters,will this fit into the tweeter spaces?

One more thing: What power handling is the stock amp? Up to what RMS for the aftermarket speaker should I get? I have seen many that are 100 watts RMS- is this okay, or too much?

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the stock system is tuned for itself only replacing one part leaves it sounding awful

the speakers are very very efficent meaning uses little power for lots of movement

aftermarket speakers are not as efficent as they usually try and reproduce sounds better

so you might want to save some more and change the amp all together when you can afford it

the front doors i used 5 1/4 but i think the orignal plate if not used will hold a 6 1/2 depending on the magnet protrusion towards the window glass

the tweeters are 1 inch but any good tweeter has a solid screw type mount on its back or mount

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