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Running Regular Gasoline

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I have a 2021 RX450h. Owned it for 13 months now and am very happy with the vehicle and plan to keep it long term. I've discovered that I get a little bit better gas milage running regular grade gasoline through it than using factory recommended premium fuel. Haven't noticed any engine pinging. Why shouldn't I continue to run regular fuel?

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I'm not surprised that the RX is not pinging, due the fact hat you have an infinite number of gears, based on the speed of the electric motor-generator between the wheels and the engine, with the computer controlling the load on the engine.

My guess would be that Lexus wants to ensure that you aren't getting the vehicle into a set of parameters that will cause pinging.

Say you have to commute thru the mountains, and you are climbing a steep grade and playing with the paddle shifters.  Can you force the system into a gear ratio that will lug the engine, and therefore cause it to ping?  It's possible!  If the RX is running great on Regular, you, theoretically, are not pushing the envelop.  And that's a good thing.

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